Top Resume Builders Online

Discover top resume builder services, the best resume templates, costs, and how to find free templates.

Creating a compelling resume is crucial in today’s competitive job market. Resume builder services, along with the right templates, can help you stand out. This article will explore resume builder services, the best resume templates to use, costs, how to find free resume templates, and tailored resume writing services and their costs.

Resume Builder Services

Resume builder services provide tools and resources to create professional resumes quickly and efficiently. These platforms offer user-friendly interfaces, various templates, and helpful tips to enhance your resume. They typically include:

  1. Pre-designed Templates: Choose from a variety of layouts and designs.
  2. Customization Tools: Easily edit and customize your resume to fit your needs.
  3. Guidance and Tips: Receive advice on how to highlight your skills and experiences effectively.

Popular Resume Builder Services

  • Zety: Known for its intuitive design and comprehensive tools.
  • ResumeGenius: Offers a wide range of templates and easy customization.
  • Canva: Provides creative templates with a focus on design aesthetics.

Best Resume Templates To Use

Selecting the right template is crucial for making a positive impression. Here are some of the best templates:

  1. Classic: Clean and professional, suitable for traditional industries like finance and law.
  2. Modern: Sleek and stylish, ideal for creative fields like marketing and design.
  3. Functional: Focuses on skills and experience, perfect for those with gaps in their work history.


  • Classic: Professional design with clear headings and bullet points.
  • Modern: Includes color accents and a unique layout.
  • Functional: Emphasizes skills with a clear, organized structure.

Cost of Using Resume Templates

The cost of resume templates can vary widely:

  1. Free Templates: Available on platforms like Canva and Google Docs.
  2. Premium Templates: Range from $10 to $50 on sites like Etsy and GraphicRiver.
  3. Subscription Services: Sites like Zety offer monthly subscriptions starting at around $6 per month.

How To Find Free Resume Templates

Finding free resume templates is simple:

  1. Canva: Offers a variety of free, customizable templates.
  2. Google Docs: Provides several free, professionally designed templates.
  3. Microsoft Office: Includes free templates in Word.

Tailored Resume Writing Services and Costs

For those seeking a more personalized approach, tailored resume writing services can be beneficial. These services provide one-on-one consultations with professional writers who customize your resume to fit your specific career goals.


  1. Entry-Level: $100 - $300
  2. Mid-Level: $300 - $600
  3. Executive-Level: $600 - $1,000+

Top Players in Resume Templates and Writing Services

  • TopResume: Offers personalized resume writing with a professional touch.
  • Resumeble: Provides tailored services and career advice.
  • MyPerfectResume: Combines templates with professional writing services.

Current Promotions

  • Zety: Offers a 14-day trial for $2.70.
  • Canva: Free access to a variety of templates.
  • TopResume: Free resume review with purchase options for writing services.
This comprehensive guide helps you navigate the world of resume builder services, providing essential information on the best templates, costs, and where to find free options. It also highlights the benefits of tailored resume writing services, ensuring you can create a resume that truly stands out.