Learn About Car Loans:

Are you finding yourself in need of a car, but don’t have the money to purchase one? You are not alone. This situation is actually fairly common, as most Americans find themselves unable to muster up the cash to pay for a quality used car, let alone a new vehicle. Its next to impossible to navigate through life without a vehicle, so passing on a vehicle purchase is out of the question. If you need to get the funds to purchase a car, then you are in luck, because you have options, the best of which is the Car Loan.

A car loan is exactly what the name implies, a loan meant to allow you to purchase a car. A car loan is a type of restricted loan, meaning that the money lent to you is to be used for a restricted purpose, in this case, buying a car. The concept of a car loan is relatively simple.  A lender lends you an amount of money, so you, the borrower, can purchase the car.  Then you, the Borrower, pay the lender back over time with interest. A car loan is different than a normal personal loan in two ways, the first being it’s restricted nature.  Most personal loans aren’t restricted.  The second is that a car loan is typically a secured loan. A secured loan is a loan that is made with some form of collateral, rather than relying on the borrower’s credit alone.  In the case of a car loan, the collateral is the car you are purchasing.  This means that if you default on the loan, the lender has a legal right to take ownership of the vehicle and sell it to re-coup their losses.

Any loan is made, at its core, of two specific parts.  The principal of the loan, and the interest to be paid on the principal. The principal of any car loan is the cost of the car after negotiations, and the interest is the total amount that is accrued after the interest rate is applied to the principal amount.  The interest rate is outlined by the lender, and determines how much the borrower is charged for borrowing the money.  All loans are accompanied by an interest rate, as lenders do not give out money for free. Every car loan will have different terms, some may have a maximum principal limit, others will have different interest rates.  There may also be additional terms and conditions set by the lender, such as payment due dates, maintenance requirements, and provisions in place for vehicle theft or vehicle accidents.

If you are in the market for a Car Loan there are a few factors to consider before you go and sign loan paperwork.  First- What can you afford to pay monthly?  Nothing is worse than getting a loan, buying a new car, then realizing you aren’t able to handle the monthly payments with interest.  Be sure to create a realistic budget for your monthly payments so you don’t end up having to give up your new car. Second- Make sure you have good credit.  Even though Car loans are secured loans, having good credit can get you better loan terms and potentially lower interest rates. If you can ensure a good credit score and realistic budget, then a car loan is the perfect option to get you behind the wheel of a new car today!