Best Food Delivery Services

Food delivery services are very helpful and have lots of benefits. It's nice to have your food delivered right to your door without having to leave the house. No more waiting in lines, being stuck in traffic or having to walk somewhere and get it. It's much more convenient to have someone do that for you, and it also saves you time. Before you know it, your food will be at your doorstep. If the football game is on or if you have a busy schedule and are not able to pick up the food yourself, there are other options. Here are some of the best food delivery services.

1. Doordash

Doordash is known for its consistency. It is ranked as the most popular delivery service app for food. There are several restaurants that you can pick from including chipotle, cheesecake factory, and much more! Also, you get to adjust or filter the settings and decide if you want fast food, American, Asian, Mexican, sandwiches, or any kind of food that you're craving. The delivery fees vary from $2.99 and up. Most restaurants charge $3.99 for delivery costs. Occasionally, Doordash will offer coupons, deals, or promotions usually for first-time buyers but sometimes for everyone else as well.

2. Uber Eats

Uber Eats is another great food delivery service. They are known for their speed. They deliver in under 30 minutes which is faster than most delivery services. The delivery fees are identical to Doordash, averaging at $5.99 for delivery fees. They offer a variety of restaurants including fast food and anything that you are in the mood for. They even partner up with vegan and diverse restaurants. There haven't been too many deals that were known or advertised in the past year.

3. Postmates

Postmates is an additional great food delivery service. They are known for their delivery deals. They offer all fast-food restaurants and anything else you might want to order like pizza or coffee. Their delivery fees are somewhat high, resulting in $1-$10 for the delivery costs. This is the only app that offers delivery service anytime in the day or night, even in the middle of the night. Their expected delivery time is around 40 minutes. As of right now, they are offering $100 to cover the delivery costs.

4. Grubhub

Grubhub is another convenient easy to use delivery service. They are known for easy payment services. You can filter your search by food, price, ratings, delivery time, delivery fees, and more. The delivery time is between 60-70 minutes. Their delivery fees are around the same costs as other apps, ranging around $3-$6 or more, depending on the restaurant. Their restaurants include fast food and feature a variety of diverse ethnic restaurants.

These are the best delivery services that are known and rated for high-quality service. There is an option with all of the apps to tip the drivers. You can choose the amount, even if you want to choose $0.00, it is all up to you as the customer and what your preferences are.