Looking to Save on Home Products? See How to Qualify

Your shopping needs often change based on your age. There are many home products designed with seniors in mind. Most of these objects are designed around making mobility easier in your home, or alerting emergency services if there is an accident. These home products are invaluable for safe and independent living. However, there are many seniors who are hesitant to purchase new items because of the price. Fortunately, there are a number of discounts available for seniors, making it a breeze to outfit your home with new products.

Finding Senior Discounts

While there are many discounts available to seniors, it is not always easy to find them. One of the best ways to get access to senior discounts is to become an AARP member. AARP is partnered with many national chains throughout the United States. As long as you have your card, you are eligible for a discount. When it comes to buying home products, many retail chains offer senior discounts, but only on select days. As of writing, Kohl’s has a 15% discount every Wednesday for Seniors, while Ross Stores have a 10% discount each Tuesday. You can also purchase a discounted Amazon Prime membership if you have a Medicaid card.

In some cases, the discount only applies to specific items. These discounts are harder to spot, but can provide great savings. If you are comfortable using the internet, one of the best ways to find discounts is to search the company or product website. You can also call up the store or manufacturer to inquire about what discounts are available.

Walk-in Tubs

A 2008 study from the CDC showed one third of household accidents occur in the bathroom, with seniors most likely to experience a fall. Among these accidents, the most common is slipping when getting out of the bathtub. For seniors, one of the safest ways to take a bath is using a walk-in tub. There are a variety of walk-in tub brands, but two of the best companies are Safe Step and American Standard.

Safe Step comes standard with heated seats, a hand-held shower wand and a built-in towel bar. One of the reasons so many seniors prefer Safe Step is any plumbing, electrical and bathroom modifications are included with the total price, so you know exactly how much you are spending to install your tub. There are also a host of additional add-on features available for minimal costs.

American Standard is highly recommended because of how much customization it offers. The basic tub is one of the most affordable options, and the default option comes with several perks, such as LED lighting, grab bars and massage jets. Popular add on options include the whirlpool and air bath additions. It can even be used as part of Chromatherapy.

Key Turners

Not all home products require expensive installations. Key turners are some of the most basic home products, but they provide great relief for any seniors suffering from arthritis. They are also helpful if you recently experienced a stroke, or any other condition which impairs your dexterity. Key turners are simple devices with a large, easy to grip frame. You insert your key into the base of the frame, then twist the frame to use the key. Instead of key turners, you can also opt for a remote key, but those devices involve installation and are more expensive than a key turner. The EZ Key Turner is one of the most popular brands, but there are other variations available as well.

Bed Assist Railing

If you are recovering from surgery or commonly suffer from back issues, getting in and out of bed may be difficult. Bed assist railing gives you something to grip as leverage when you are climbing in or out of bed. Many railings also come with a storage pocket, which is a good place to keep important items, such as your cellphone or glasses.


Many seniors struggle with keeping their house clean. Vacuuming is especially challenging, since it is difficult to transport a larger vacuum around the house. Bending over and maneuvering the vacuum are also challenging, if you have a smaller vacuum model. Roomba’s are an excellent vacuum choice for seniors. There are different models available depending on your floors. The majority of Roomba’s are controlled by remote devices, but some models also respond to voice commands.

Large Button Devices

There are two primary button devices seniors use, remotes and phones. Because so many televisions are bundled with extra features, remotes end up cluttered with buttons. The more buttons are added, the smaller they became, making it hard to see or select the right option. This is especially true with phones. While cellphones do not have the option for larger buttons, you can use voice commands. With a landline phone, you can invest in a large button model. Many of these models also include customizable speed dial options. Some phones automatically fill these options out with emergency services.