Meal Delivery Services

You may have heard an ad for Blue Apron or Freshly, two of the typical Meal Delivery Services, and wondered what a meal delivery service actually is. How is a meal delivery service different from services like Post Mates or Grub Hub? Is meal delivery similar to a grocery delivery service? The short answer is yes and no.  Meal Delivery, Grocery Delivery, and Apps like Post Mates all offer similar services, but they have some core differences that set their services apart.  And for the best bang for your buck, the best of the three is Meal Delivery.

So what is Meal Delivery? How is it different than Grub Hub or a local grocery delivery program?  Meal delivery is just what it sounds like.  Meals are delivered to your home.  Now that doesn't seem different than Grub Hub, which also delivers meals.  But it is.  Meal delivery services usually have their own select custom made menus and their own chefs that prepare or cook the food.  Grub Hub and similar apps merely serve as intermidiaries to local restaurants, where you place the order through the app and they deliver the food as soon as possible.  Meal delivery services are not spur of the moment decisions, they are usually set up on a weekly or monthly basis, with meals arriving at predetermined times.

Some meal delivery services are similar to grocery delivery in that you are sent a parcel of individual ingredients instead of fully cooked meals. These meal delivery services also provide you with a recipe and cookingin structions so you can prepare the meal yourself and enjoy a home cooked meal with ingredients you may not have previously considered.  While these services do mean you need to take the time to cook, that can be a positive, especially for those who love to experience the joys of cooking. Other Meal delivery services deliver fully cooked meals that you select from a menu.  These meals simply need to be heated up and they art ready for you to enjoy.

Most Meal delivery services require you to sign up to the service and then select a service duration. You can usually choose between daily, weekly, or monthly offerings.  Some services let you choose specific days of the week to get your meals delivered, rather than having everything delivered at the begining of the week. Meal delivery services are perfect for those who have little time or limited ability to get to the grocery store to purchase food. There are meal delivery services that cater to specific lifestyles (Vegan or diet services), food alergies or intolerances (Glute free, Soy allergies), and there are services for those who wish to try exotic dishes that would otherwise be unavailable in your services.  There are even meal delivery services meant to provide senior citizens with ready made meals, ensuring they have a high quality of life and maintain some level of independence.

Meal delivery services are truely varied, and offer so much more than other food delivery apps and services.  If you are considering Meal Delivery, you can try a short term duration to see if the service fis your needs.