Performance SUVs

Families are increasingly migrating towards SUVs due to their versatility and added functionality over minivans and other family vehicles. At the high end many people are looking for vehicles that have the added benefits of luxury vehicles but the versatility of SUVs. These vehicles are known as performance SUVs and have average price ranges well above the standard SUV models, typically in the range of $50,000 to $70,00, depending on the package chosen for the performance SUVs. Many have higher safety rankings and mpg than lower range SUVs, but the higher cost is based on other factors that customers tend to select.

High End Features In Performance SUVs

All cars come with varying levels of trims and the high-level tri on standard SUVs often compare to the low-end trims on performance SUVs. Performance SUVs tend to have leather seating that has individual climate controls for each seat, wood grained interiors which are sleek and attractive, innovative features on the interior such as built-in vacuum cleaners, high tech entertainment units that sync with your smartphone and other electronic devices, and high-quality speaker and sound systems. Performance SUVs also have superior engine builds that provide better acceleration, handling, and top speeds. Performance SUVs have great safety features like rear cameras, lane warning systems and side cameras, and traffic and safety ratings.

Popular Models & Brands Of Performance SUVs

There are many different companies that are competing at the performance SUV model level. Included are Audi Q7, Infiniti QX70, Land Rover Range Rover Sport, and the Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE63, among others. If you are looking to buy an performance SUV then spend some time exploring the different features in each model as well as their ratings in order to find a vehicle that meets your needs and provides you with the luxury you want.

Mid-Size SUVs

A mid-size suv is a smaller version of a standard sized suv. The mid-size suv differs from storage capacity, rows of car seating, how comfortable the interior is, and of course it's safety. Mid-size suvs are more than likely do better being fuel efficient than standard suvs.

Top Models & Brands

Some of the most popular models consist of the Kia Sorento, Jeep Grand Cherokee, The Ford Edge, and The Nissan Murano. All of these vehicles come with their own customized interiors and engine sizes making some more powerful than others. Some models also have more seating and storage. It all depends on what the customer is interested in when choosing a vehicle.

Average Price Ranges

Almost all the midsize SUVs start their pricing about $30,000 and can range up into the $40,000 category. The average cost is nearly $37,000. Again, it depends on what the customer is interested in that will decide the amount of the car.


The average mile per gallon with midsize SUVs are 26 mpg for the city, and 27 mpg for the highway.

Safety Ratings

When rating the safety of the vehicles, inspectors take many factors into consideration. There is a small overlap front rating, a moderate overlap front rating, a side rating, the roof strength rating, the head restraints & seats, the front crash prevention, the headlight rating, and the child seat anchors. Every car comes with it's flaws, but the brands of the midsize SUVs with the highest score on the safety rating test was the Toyota Highlander, Kia Sorento, Honda Pilot, and a few others. Cars are tested many times for flaws before put on the market, this is to ensure customers are receiving the best quality of what was paid for, and the car is safe to drive or be ridden in.

Examining Full-Size SUVs

SUVs are continually getting larger to accommodate growing families and to replace those vehicles that many people don't like driving such as vans or minivans. These full-size SUVs have unique features and nuances to them which can impact how you shop for them. Consider the following when buying full-size SUVs. But just what are full-size suvs and what features are common among them?

Size, Safety, and Gas Mileage

Full-size SUVs are large vehicles which make them safer to drive now that auto engineers have made them more stable and less likely to flip over when in an accident or making a turn. The increased size of full-size SUVs comes with a cost in terms of gas mileage with many only getting around 20 MPG on streets and 25 mpg on the highway. However, some of the newer models have unique features like shutting off the engine at lights or special econ modes which increase the gas mileage significantly.

Popular Models and Average Price Range

The popularity of full-size suvs means that most car makers carry them. Examples of some of the most popular full-size suvs are the Toyota Sequoia, Lincoln Navigator, Chevrolet Suburban, and Ford Expedition. All of these models have significant amounts of seating, towing capacity, stability and handling, and packages of safety features to protect your family and project the vehicle as a safe vehicle. Base models of full-size suvs are typically in the range of thirty to thirty five thousand and full loaded versions tend to top out at fifty thousand.

Most Important Features For Buyers

Since most full-sized suvs are family cars there is no surprise that safety ratings are one of the leading factors for drivers. They aren't the only one though; luxury features, gas mileage and drive ability are all important as well.