Top 4 Streaming Services

Streaming services are among the most popular ways for modern audiences to get home entertainment. While once only popular with cord cutters, more and more households are subscribing to one or more streaming service to augment their existing cable or satellite plans. Those who subscribe to streaming services will give those who are still on the fence a number of reasons to subscribe. From ease of use to having thousands of movies and television shows at your beck and call, streaming services are the wave of the future for modern audiences. In this article, we’ll examine the best streaming services currently available, highlighting the unique advantages each brings to their subscribers.


The first streaming service readily available still offers some of the best options. Allowing subscribers to select multiple plans for five different profiles, Netflix offers ad-free streaming at a reasonable price. Like most streaming services, Netflix has an abundance of classic TV shows and movies to occupy you for your months. What sets Netflix apart from other streamers its ever growing library of original content. Producing their own series and movies, Netflix is well ahead of the game in original content. The service also gives you the option to download movies and television series, allowing you to view them off-line.

Disney Plus

While Disney Plus might be the newest streamer, it is also one of the best. When the service launched in November of 2019, it featured an expansive library of 7,500 television episodes and over 500 movies. Perfect for households with kids, Disney Plus is the only place where you can watch Disney’s entire catalog of movies, every Star Wars film, and many installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Like Netflix, Disney Plus is also leading the way in original content. The service launched with the first live action Star Wars series, the critically acclaimed The Mandalorian, and new original content is released each week.


Hulu is one of the best streamers available to the public. What sets Hulu apart from other streaming services is its abundance of plans that are offered to subscribers. The service offers plans with ads and those that are ad-free for a slightly higher monthly price. Hulu also offers a service called Hulu with Live TV. Hulu with Live TV is perfect for anyone wishing to cancel their cable or satellite subscription. The option allows subscribers to watch broadcast or cable TV channels as they air from whatever device they choose. Hulu is also home to the Emmy Award-winning series The Handmaiden’s Tale.


Last but not least is Amazon Prime Video. As with most streaming services, Amazon offers a wide catalog of classic and original movies and television series. Nevertheless, the service distinguishes itself by allowing users to rent or buy movies and television series. This allows subscribers permanent access to the content, even if it is no longer available as part of the service’s existing library. Subscribers can also sign up for premium channels, such as HBO and Starz, through Prime Channels. For the sports lover, Amazon offers streams of NFL games most Thursday nights during the season.

In all, streaming services offer something for everyone. Truly the most modern form of entertainment, streamers allow their subscribers access to thousands of hours of content at the touch of a button.